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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111460710215345383531411114Nigel CallanRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition10 1Thornton Park
27310654601534538353138573Jaxon BrooksRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition4 1City United
3711840111534538353137371Matt HolsteinRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition1 1Western Suburbs
4711115521534538353142271Michael AkermanRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition13 1Tenambit Morpeth Bulls
56015591181534538353139960Luke ThomasRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition7 1City United
6549425571534538353138554Luke N WellsRaymond Terrace2020/20212nd Grade Competition4 2City United
75319628801534538353131753*Aaron J SherrittRaymond Terrace2020/20211st Grade Competition2 1Eastern Suburbs
85110870641534538349073851Justin A PageRaymond Terrace2020/20213rd Grade Competition5 1Western Suburbs
95012840131534538370637850Chris LawrenceRaymond Terrace GOLD2020/20214th Grade T202 1Western Suburbs
105010658261534538353136050*Lachlan PageRaymond Terrace2020/20211st Grade Competition12 1Western Suburbs
11509826971534538349073450*Tom LidburyRaymond Terrace2020/20213rd Grade Competition4 1Tenambit Morpeth Bulls
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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